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Human (of Elvish decent) |


A prince in exile, Ados hails from a kingdom which finds it's origins in the fall of the original Guardians. After the fall a minor prince of the Elven empire who had sworn his service to the Guardians fled into the east in an attempt to safeguard a number of powerful relics that had previously been intered within the depths of Anarórë Mindon. After years of travel the prince would go on to found a small kingdom in a place known as the Mere Valley - far beyond the horrors of the eastern expanse and the troubles of Althea. For many centuries the people of The Mere (their ancestors either former guardians or refugees that had followed the elven prince) formed their own culture and found a measure of prosperity and peace. Before his death the prince would begin a dynasty - marrying a human woman with their children coming to inherite the Meerish crown - one of the only relic's that the prince did not hide away. All good things do not last however and The Mere has since fallen, leaving Ados the last of his people.  Rarely will he speak of what doom brought his people so low, but when he does there is fire is eye and heat in his voice that is not his own. Exiled he has returned to whence his bloodline sprung. Honourbound to support the rebirth of the Guardian cause and hopeful that one day his new brothers and sisters will help him in his.

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